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Day 0 – First world problems

I’ve had to deal with two first world problems today. The first involves football flags. We always fly an MKDONS flag on the boat. We love to fly a flag, but it also makes it easier to recognise the boat, which is not always a good thing. For example when parking badly you might hear something like “what on earth is that idiot with the flag doing”.

The thing with a football flag is they’re not designed to be a courtesy flag on a boat. The wind frays them. The last flag just said MKDON, the S had gone. They last two holidays.

Anyhow I went to buy one, none in the club shop. Took three members of staff, me getting more anxious and eventually one was rustled up from a store room. Phew.

The second first world problem is reading glasses. They get lost even more on a boat. This is significant. Not being able to find glasses when you need to read a chart or a pilot guide, the weather’s bad and things are generally a bit pear shaped is not ideal. We both wear glasses so also important I can find mine not Ellison’s. So it was off to Tiger this afternoon to buy a couple of easily recognisable pairs of 2.0. Mission successful.


So the taxi is picking us up at 03.45 for a 06.45 flight to Athens. Followed by a 4 hour ferry ride from Athens to Paros where our 38′ Dufour, “Les Troyans” awaits us.

Our chums (semi retired) have already been sailing for two weeks and are meeting us at Paros and providing a bed tomorrow night (we pick Les Troyan up on Saturday).

We plan to leave Paros on Sunday for a kind of clockwise route around the southern Cyclades, just touching the northern Dodecanese, and definitely not going to Thira (Santorini). But more about that tomorrow. We also have Nancy visiting us for a few days, on the way to seeing her family, which will be really nice.

What are we looking forward to the most? The first meal, the best Gyros in Greece. We just can’t wait, the sign is already hung on the door.



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