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Captain Slog

It has to be the oldest and worst Star Trek joke. How many captains were there in Star Trek? Two, James T Kirk and Captain Slog 不不 Which brings me onto whether we'll write a log book for our boat, Umbrellas. But first an update on Umbrellas.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be writing this blog sitting on Umbrellas in Stoke Bruerne after a 4 hour shakedown cruise yesterday. Just a couple of piccies, a video leaving the marina and coming out of the Blisworth Tunnel.

Umbrellas went back into the water in Friday, she's tip top and ready to go. All the work we asked for has been successfully completed so fingers crossed we've got a sound boat. The waste tank is fixed, we have new through hull waste fittings for the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen. The poo tank pump out fittings have been properly sorted - no more leaks when it rains and the tiller bearing has been replaced so the tiller isn't loosy goosey any more.

The propulsion system (the but between the engine and propellor) was a bigger story. The worn out Aquadrive turned out to be a Python, an obsolete Python. The new version didn't fit so we've now got a new prop shaft, centaflex (don't ask me) and engine mountings. It looks pukka.

Just to finish things of the engine's been serviced and the Eberspacher heater checked.

The news from the shakedown cruise? Everything works and there's nothing but happy people on board.

Back to the log book. Our daughter bought us one for Christmas, here it is.

I was dubious, I never used one when I sailed, but then it was never my boat. So having thought about it I think I will fill in a log book for Umbrellas. Not really about dull things like engine hours, although I might as well record them, but more a kind of daily diary or blog for the boat. More like a Star Trek Captain's log for the canal. "Star date 1st June, 2024, today the weather was joyously sunny whilst we motored along another 6 miles down the canal. We encountered many lovely people and achieved very little". Maybe I can find something more interesting to say but who cares, it'll be a lovely thing to look back at when we're too old to do this stuff.

How about you, are you going to join me and start a log book?

More soon


I am an idiot, years of boating and still a fool. We need a good headlamp on Unbrellas for the Blisworth Tunnel. She's got one, I switched it on, it didn't work. I took the lamp apart and checked the bulb, it looked good. Got my meter out, no 12V. Wired the horn 12V to the light (they're next to each other), and the light worked when I pressed the horn button. Ellison suggested I've invented a new device, a hootlight. Bu**er, a wiring problem I thought. Then I found the other headlamp switch (there's 2, one in the switch panel and this one).

Guess what, the headlamp works! Doh!

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12 maj

How fantastic, have lots of lovely trips xx

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